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Project Description
Modern RenderWare toolchain that can be used to work with Criterion's RenderWare formats. It is used to power Magic.TXD.

RenderWare was a popular middleware during the Direct3D8/9 era. It started out as software rasterizer before hardware accelerated graphics was a thing. With version 3 Criterion had added wide support for platforms such as PC, Sony's PlayStation 2 and Nintendo's Gamecube. By collaborating with many individual game developers a big economy of RenderWare Graphics was created. But with the rise of all-in-one game engine solutions RenderWare was deemed too difficult by independent game development studios and ceased to exist.

Magic-rw was created to relive the old times. It aims to support all the RW formats that Criterion did create and commercially release. Feel free to use this toolchain for your own projects while spreading the word.

Recommended Compiler: Visual Studio 2017

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